CORE Health Foundation

CORE Health FoundationAfter working over 20 years with CORE Health Care in the field of rehabilitation and long term care for individuals with brain injuries, mental illness and developmental disabilities, Eric Makowski and Jim Misko, Psy.D., along with their families, had a desire to give back to the community and in turn, developed the CORE Health Foundation.

The mission of the CORE Health Foundation is to advocate for people with disabilities in novel ways through research, creation of public works and awareness projects that hasten the removal of attitudinal biases in our society.

Founded in 2006, the Foundation’s initial scope of activities include public works that create opportunities for people with disabilities to interact with the general public on equal terms and free of cultural stereotypes. Other disability awareness projects serve to educate the general population to help shape public attitudes.

More recently, brain injury research through the brand Resilient Mind has been included in the scope of the Foundation’s activities.

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