Family Support

Our relationship with each resident’s family is a true partnership bound by mutual goals. We foster that partnership through open and honest communication and a willingness to respond to family requests in a timely, optimistic manner. This cooperation helps ensure a positive outlook for everyone involved—focused on our residents’ strengths and achievements. We encourage families to support their loved ones through visits and phone calls. Additionally, CORE staff supports families through the hardships associated with traumatic brain injury, mental illness, autism and special needs by offering family guidance, counseling and practical solutions for becoming a family again. We will help families celebrate the joys that occur when residents gain new independence and adapt to their disabilities.

Because the hope and support that families can offer their recovering loved one are key factors in helping to achieve the best outcomes possible, we continue to provide clear guidance and strategies for families and caregivers once the formal rehabilitative process is over. The more prepared and confident the families feel in carrying out therapeutic strategies, the more likely that rehabilitation is successful and that the discharge situation remains stable and positive.

In order to assist families, CORE provides Family At-Home Training Packets that include a range of items, from specialized videos, home therapy and exercise programs, and other specific and individualized education material relevant to their loved one. CORE is also interested in developing a database of clients and families in order to continue communication and support after discharge. This will be a conduit to provide families information about important neuroscience research, new and developing therapies, and new resources as rehabilitation continues to evolve.