CORE Health Care – A Brief History

One of the two families who founded CORE Health Care in 1983, traces their roots of service to people with special needs back to the 1930’s. It was then that Mr. and Mrs. Bert P. Brown opened the doors of their own home and began caring for children with disabilities. Since that time, and through many changes, we have cared for and nurtured the core of our residents-laying a solid foundation for not only quality treatment but quality of life.

CORE Health Care remains committed to its history in helping people lead better lives through the development of innovative treatment approaches and homelike living environments that promote personal growth and self-esteem.

Recognizing early the positive effects (both clinically and financially) of specialized care, CORE opened its Cedar Point facility in Dripping Springs, Texas. Designed to allow for smaller, more tailored long-term programs, Cedar Point first worked with five residents. These residents were the first to benefit from the unique spirit of caring, nurturing and compassion at CORE, and their families were gratified to know their loved ones were not only well cared for, but also blossoming, happy and developing lifelong friendships.

In 1984, under the leadership of owner James Karhan and the renowned neuropsychologist, Dr. Erin Bigler, the company opened its Oak Point program for individuals with brain injuries. Rehabilitation for people with brain injuries was a relatively new field at the time.

With the addition of Eric Makowski and Dr. Jim Misko in the early 1990s, the company we know today began to take shape. Led by Dr. Misko, CORE Health Care began to incorporate cognitive rehabilitation, a key element in successful inpatient rehab programs, and demand grew for brain injury rehabilitation services at Oak Point.

To serve a growing waiting list of residents, Karhan, Makowski and Dr. Misko in 2001 opened the Hilltop program, the first short-term facility for the company. Hilltop’s residents stay from three to 12 months with a focus strictly on post-acute rehabilitation.

In 2005, ownership of CORE Health Care was transferred entirely to Eric Makowski, CEO, and Dr. Jim Misko, President. A true partnership, their complementary skills and experiences create a unique synergy for the company, committed to the early vision but poised to further grow the company into the next generation.

HistoryIn 2006, Makowski and Dr. Misko founded the nonprofit CORE Health Foundation, which has partnered again with Dr. Erin Bigler, now director of Brigham Young University’s Functional Neuro Imaging Lab and Supercomputing Lab and the Imaging Research Center at the University of Texas. The Foundation is conducting cutting-edge research that they hope will revolutionize the treatment of traumatic brain injuries. Through its clinical trials, the Foundation combines advanced neuroimaging technologies with real-time treatment protocols to quickly determine the efficacy of a particular course of therapy in redeveloping an injured patient’s brain. By uncovering the treatment factors that support this ‘neuroplasticity’—the brain’s ability to change—and applying them to rehabilitative efforts, The CORE Health Foundation is poised to dramatically change the treatment of brain injuries.

Through its work with The CORE Health Foundation, CORE Health Care is able to incorporate the very latest technology and research findings in its therapy programs, one of the only facilities in the country applying this research to understanding patients’ short- and long-term response to therapy.

Today, with four facilities, 55 beds and more than 125 employees, CORE Health Care maintains its personal approach to care while bridging the latest science and best therapeutic methods available. We are determined to leave a lasting legacy of service for individuals with traumatic brain injuries and long-term psychiatric disorders.