CORE fosters a unique environment in which residents and staff alike are genuinely excited to further their skills and reach their goals. With our residents’ one-of-a-kind challenges continually changing, our programs necessarily center on compassion, understanding and trust. Relationships are a key component of our framework—resident to staff member, family member to family member, human to human. Our programs are small by design so that we can identify, encourage and bring forth the hopes and life goals of each of our residents.

Since brain injury, mental illness, autism and other developmental disabilities can impact every area of a person’s life, CORE incorporates specific treatment strategies designed to meet the needs of behavioral, cognitive, physical and psychological functioning, as well as family issues. With CORE Health Care, you will find some of the best individualized healthcare plans available for the people we serve. This is why we are the CORE of care: Center Of Rehabilitative Excellence.

We approach every facet of treatment with a keen emphasis on both science and hope. We continually incorporate the latest findings and therapies that affect the brain’s ability to change, while also understanding that our residents’ long-term success is greatly nurtured by the profound human elements of supportive relationships, constant encouragement and optimistic advocacy.

CORE’s licensed professional staff customizes the therapy program for each resident, combining medically advanced treatment strategies; traditional discipline-specific therapies; and cognitive and therapeutic intervention. We incorporate a variety of activities that have been proven to affect brain functioning, such as enhanced cardiovascular exercise, improved nutrition and adequate sleep. We also utilize a variety of clinical and program outcome measures to ensure that we are objectively achieving our residents’ goals.

The desire of everyone at CORE is to maximize each person’s quality of life by developing leisure, social and vocational pursuits that the individual finds meaningful and consistent with personal life goals. For some, this includes restoring independence so that they can live in a less restrictive environment with minimal need for support services.