Professional Staff

At CORE, our therapeutic expertise and quality care extends to all levels of staff, at all hours of the day. Our direct care personnel, many of whom are certified through the Brain Injury Association of America, help implement a patient’s therapeutic strategies beyond the “office hours” of the patient’s therapy sessions, increasing opportunities for skill building in various settings and situations.

Direct care staff provide input to the treatment team on a daily basis, monitor treatment programs in work shifts around the clock, provide structure and supervision for clients to practice new skills and support clients in transitional programs. The full immersion in and integration of the treatment environment provides one of CORE’s key strengths.

To prepare our direct care staff for their vital role in the rehabilitation process, CORE provides a wide array of training on brain injury, medical management, and behavioral management and de-escalation techniques. Staff receive bi-annual reviews of performance and positive acknowledgment of good work. CORE also provides advanced training opportunities for senior staff, such as intensive preparation to serve as mentors to new employees or support (in terms of time and financial resources) to pursue their certification from the Academy of Brain Injury Specialists.

Our high staff-to-resident ratio, rare for most residential providers, allows each resident to receive not only the best specialized care available but also the individual attention that he or she deserves. Due to our low employee turnover rate, your loved one will see the same faces during their stay and come to know CORE staff as part of their family—a family they strive to make proud as they work toward life’s goals.

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