David tells his story of recovery.

Dr. Mullin's Story


Just wanted to drop you both a line and thank you for being instrumental in getting Lisa into CORE.

Being totally honest, Lisa has really and truly made great inroads since she started the beginning of June. The staff is so dedicated to their patients and are at the top of their field.


Thank you so much, for everything you did for my brother and my family.

We had a great experience with CORE.


We are very grateful for the whole Core staff.

I cannot believe how long Rick has been there, and how faithfully you all have partnered with us to help give Rick an environment where his life can be abundant in spite of his disabilities. Thank you so much for your commitment to him and to our family.

Different World

I feel more informed than I have since his accident.

It was also great to visit the therapy classes. It is a whole different world than what we have experienced in the past. I was impressed and everyone was very welcoming.


Thank you to all at CORE Health Care.

Your dedication, compassion, and infinite patience are a gift to those in true need.


Brad is doing great!

The move went smoothly and he jumped right in meeting people and getting the apartment set up. He is so proud of having his own place and is keeping it so neat and clean. Reports from the staff say that he is enthusiastic and showing up for all classes on time and ready to go. He is definitely rising to the challenge! So far, so good! Also wanted you to know that I testified before the House Appropriations Committee yesterday in regards to DARS funding. I told Brad’s story and how the time he spent at CORE has made such a huge difference in his life and in his future. We will never be able to thank everyone at CORE for all you have done for Brad.


The wonderful part of our journey was our time with Rusty.

We had a grand time and he seemed equally pleased with our being there. We continue to see his small steps (growth) in a positive direction. We praised him for his ‘attempts’, acknowledged his having a very nice place to live in Cedar and generally found him to be in a ‘good place’ all around. Certainly, we wish to acknowledge and share our gratitude for the staff supporting Rusty in his daily life. The many hearts and hands that come together for Rusty’s well-being are evident to us. It gives us pause, each time we visit and then walk away . . . knowing that he is in good hands.


I want to say “Thank You” to you and all the staff who are working so patiently with Patrick.

It gives me such peace to know he is in good hands, and that you all are sincerely concerned about his well-being. I thank God for you all, and you are in my prayers daily.


The Fall event was so nice and the weather added to the pleasure of the evening so hats off for a job well done.

It was wonderful seeing Rusty so happy and engaging with others. It made my heart happy watching him interact with us and “anyone” that came to the table. Thanks to everyone at Core for helping Rusty to know happiness in his daily living.



Bev & Larry

Dear Core Staff: We want to thank you for the excellent care you all provided and enabled to Rachel during her almost 6 months stay. The discharge papers were excellent for Kenmar and they were very well briefed before we hit the door on Saturday.

Rachel did very well on her Thanksgiving visit with us and family/friends. She handled the trip and overnight in Denton just great. Just wanted to let you how valuable the discharge papers were & e-mailing them ahead of time for their orientation and preparation.

Thanks for everything all of you did to make the rehab happen, twice! And all the rehab & training was for Rachel.

Many Thanks,

Bev & Larry

Dorothy and Russ

You have been such a good contact thru Rusty’s’ re-entry back to Core, from the Hospital experience. Your responsiveness during that concerning time, was so, so appreciated, more than we can express in words.

Somehow, the whole event, especially with surgery and pneumonia, sent the ‘older parents’ into a world of extreme worry & concern. Thus, having you be ever so available was a real support for our coping, especially at a distance.

You are wonderfully positive and we feel fortunate that our paths crossed!

The Core Organization has many wonderful employees, and a real sense of ‘Healing’ seems to surround….and especially with the ‘direct-care’ folks, who have supported Rusty every step of the way.

With Warmest Personal Regards,

Dorothy and Russ


I am glad that we have you working with us to support Elizabeth.

I think the DARS funding was a significant victory for all of us, and we wouldn't have been able to achieve it had it not been for your unyielding support by encouraging the insurance to continue funding - sometimes daily.

We really appreciate the talents of the CORE team.



Thank you to everyone for all the assistance I have been provided while I was here.

Everyone has worked a miracle for me. Everyone here is wonderful.




We just wanted to send out a BIG THANK YOU to all of you that helped Randy while he was with CORE!

What a blessing each and every one of you were to him and essentially to US as a family.

When Randy came to CORE it really was our last chance to save our family. We could not have ever imagined that Randy would have done so well. While we know it took Randy’s deciding to make a change, it also took your individual skills and patience with him to get him as far as he did while in your program. CORE really does work with the family as a whole and boy did we have a WHOLE lot to work with and on! It was nice to have the staff available to meet and discuss things with when you needed them. Even though you have plenty of other clients we always felt like Randy was the only at CORE. We are forever grateful to you for all that you have done for our family.

Things are going well, and we have really been working hard to put all of the communication skills we learned into practice. I think we talk more now than we ever did before, and it does not turn into knock down drag out sessions!! He and I both continue to see a therapist. Randy does all of the grocery shopping on Monday’s with a list that we make together, and then puts everything away before I get home. He also takes the initiative to do the laundry since he gets home before the kids and I do. I usually cook dinner in the evenings and he takes the kids bike riding around the block (well, they ride bikes he rides his “go cart”). We have no dishwasher and so he does the dishes 95% of the time. He takes great joy in reading to the kids every night and they LOVE having him around to do that!

Along with weekly meetings with a counselor, he also attends anger management and AA classes.

Randy is a PRO when it comes to the city bus system. A couple of weekends ago he took us to the Children’s Museum downtown and got us back home!!

Thanks again for being so good at what you do. Keep up the good work because you never know whose lives and relationships you can touch!!!



Thank you so much for the excellent therapy and professional attitude with my uncle today.

Today was such a hard day for him, and you guys were awesome in handling the situation through your supportive comments and ideas and with your praise and explanations. Obviously, it was hard for me to see my uncle so down, but my observations only further cementer my belief that he is in the very best place to achieve his utmost level of recovery. I only hope that we can push Bill through this stage so that he will get the most from his experience at CORE.

Thanks for everything you do for so many in need.



Chris called this morning to say thanks for the cookies on the bus trip.

He has settled into his apartment and really likes it. Chris said he feels his life is really coming together and wanted to thank CORE for their help.



I really enjoyed the newsletter article about neuroplasticity techniques challenging the term rehabilitation "plateau".

I had that word thrown at me at another facility and it is definitely not one that I believe in.




Dr. Haydon specifically told Bill that he had the people at CORE to thank for his excellent communication skills, strength, etc.

I continue to thank God daily for sending you all to us.




I would like to say how thankful I am to all of the staff at Cedar Point for all they do for my brother. Every time I visit or call, the staff is always friendly and helpful. They show such a caring attitude toward Tom, as well as personal interest and concern for me and my daughter. I know that the work they do can be very challenging, but they have never been anything but positive and accommodating. I feel blessed to have my brother cared for by such wonderful people.

I want to mention a few people specifically. Paul is probably Tom’s favorite person in the world. In fact, when I told my brother about my mom’s death, the first thing he did was ask for Paul. A relationship like that doesn’t just happen. It comes from years of caring and relationship-building. Tom also treasures his time with Jackie on their weekly outings. And no matter what my question or concern, I am always confident that Diane will take care of it. I’m sure you agree that she is a great asset to CORE.

Best wishes for 2011,