Oak Point

Oak PointThe Oak Point Treatment Program, a small residential facility, has been developed to meet the daily needs of individuals who have suffered mild-to-moderate brain-injuries and strokes. Individuals with a brain injury who have completed a post-acute rehabilitation program, but are not able to live independently can benefit from CORE Health Care’s therapeutic services for brain injury recovery. The length of stay can vary from one year to life-long care.

According to one study, about 40% of those hospitalized with a TBI had at least one unmet need for services one year after their injury. The most frequent unmet needs were:
– improving memory and problem solving;
– managing stress and emotional upsets;
– controlling one’s temper;
– improving one’s job skills;

The Oak Point residential treatment program provides the structured, stable environment needed for brain injury recovery. Each individual’s treatment plan includes strategies for adapting and compensating for his or her disabilities resulting from a traumatic brain injury.

CORE Health Care provides a homelike setting for brain injury recovery and brain injury rehabilitation. The Oak Point program is designed to provide a living, learning, and working environment for brain injury rehabilitation that is both safe and home-like to encourage personal growth and self-esteem for individuals with a brain injury. Program participants must be medically stable and age 16 or older.

Individuals with mild to moderate behavioral problems are accepted based on assessment. Admission is based on treatment team recommendations. Learn more about therapies available for brain injury rehabilitation.

Texas Department of Aging and Disability Services License #000573