Cognitive Therapy

Cognitive Therapy is a service traditionally utilized in rehabilitation programs to help individuals understand their world to their fullest abilities. Typical targets, efforts and tools of this therapeutic discipline include:

  • Enhancement of Self-Awareness
  • Problem-Solving Methods
  • Behavioral Control
  • Medication Self-Management
  • Time and Task Management
  • Compensatory Technologies
  • Family Education and Training

Cognitive Therapy at CORE Health Care is not a stand-alone effort. While cognitive therapists may work one-on-one with individuals, much of this therapy’s impact comes from co-treatment and group situations. By emphasizing self-awareness and awareness of his or her environment throughout the day, each resident can eventually maximize his or her ability to self-monitor and thus appropriately adapt to changing conditions. Managing themselves, managing responsibilities, managing problems-these are the skills necessary to conduct an independent and satisfactory life. CORE cognitive therapists help residents, their families and other staff to support the re-emergence of these skills.