Computer-based Cognitive Retraining

There has been a tremendous growth in the availability of software that purports to help people regain and/or sharpen their cognitive skills. While some of these programs may actually have potential to assist survivors of brain injury, few of them are backed by rigorous research. In order to evaluate potentially helpful software and to provide families some direction on the cost-effective use of such programs, the clinical staff at CORE has committed to assisting in this process.

Choosing from the best-researched brain retraining software, we will be implementing an after-hours program that provides our clients free access to these systems. Once a software product has been vetted by our staff for its ease of use and its potential cognitive-enhancing impact, they will be added to a library of programs available to all consumers. Eventually, actual research data will be collected to help identify which programs might be most efficacious. These programs will also be available to families once they have finished their rehabilitation at CORE in order to help maintain their skills at home.