Computerized Vision Therapy for Visual Attention and Useful Field of View (UFOV)

There is ample experimental and clinical evidence for restriction of peripheral visual fields (and thus attention, particularly as part of the aging process, but also with neurological compromise.  Restriction in peripheral vision and attention is detrimental to many functional tasks, perhaps most significantly to an individual’s ability to safely drive.  Fortunately, the literature also provides evidence that this restriction can be reversed with intensive computer-based therapy, most often referred to as “Useful Field of View” (UFOV) training.  CORE Health Care has formed a partnership with Posit Science Corporation, makers of the most advanced software for UFOV training.  Individuals identified as having UFOV or visual attention deficits will participate in this therapy, which changes in intensity based on the person’s performance, allowing for consistent progress and minimization of frustration when struggling with the task.