Outcome Measurement

CORE continuously evaluates the success of its programs to determine what works best for patients, and we update methods in response to this objective data. We employ various methods to objectively measure patient outcome in terms of both functional ability and satisfaction.

A global measure of functional ability, the MPAI-4, is administered to all patients at admission and discharge to measure gains as a result of participation in the program. For clients who are in treatment for more than six months, this measure is repeated every six months to monitor ongoing progress. CORE analyzes data at both an individual client level and on a group basis to tailor treatment to individuals and monitor the effectiveness of our methods.

CORE also solicits feedback about satisfaction with our services from the client, family and funding source. Data are tabulated regularly, and changes to the program are made based on this feedback. In addition to these primary domains, literally thousands of data points are collected in our electronic health record that allows very fine-grained analysis of our program.  With this information, we are able to adjust our program to ensure maximum effectiveness in each therapy discipline.