Psychiatry and Neurology

Psychiatry and Neurology are medical services traditionally utilized in rehabilitation programs. Typical targets, efforts, and tools of these therapeutic disciplines include:

  • Comprehensive Psychiatric and Neurological Evaluations
  • Psychopharmacological Intervention and Consultation
  • Sleep Evaluation and Treatment
  • Endocrinological Evaluation and Treatment
  • Coordination of additional Medical Specialties as required

Psychiatry and Neurology medical services at CORE Health Care are vested with safeguarding the client’s medical well-being while in our care. To best accomplish this task, they must first be certain that nothing was missed in prior placements as is often the case with discerning consumers, who do not always make the most cooperative of medical patients. Once any undiagnosed problems are dealt with, the next step is to minimize the use of medications in order to reduce the chances of side effects and unexpected drug interactions. As the client nears discharge, every effort is made to provide appropriate medical specialists, near to the geographical area in which the individual intends to live, so that the accomplishments of rehabilitation are not lost for the lack of good medical care.