Residential Support

Each resident at CORE has a unique history, personality and objective for their life. Therefore, the care we provide cannot be uniform. It must be specialized to each resident’s particular needs, strengths and goals. The Resident Support Program was established with the objectives of ensuring that the details of our residents’ treatment plans are fulfilled accurately and thoroughly; promoting individual-centered planning and delivery; and fortifying resident advocacy and communication procedures.

The Resident Support Program joins a member of the direct care staff with each resident at CORE. During the resident’s stay at CORE, this particular direct care staff member acts as a Resident Support Staff (RSS). The main roles of the RSS are to:

  • Ensure the resident’s needs and wishes are met;
  • Assist in communication with all members of the treatment team including the family;
  • Monitor the quality and thoroughness of care.

When the RSS is consistent and thorough in fulfilling these responsibilities, the resident feels supported, the treatment team communicates more effectively and emerging issues are identified in a timely manner.

Resident Support Staff members participate in an advanced training course, specially written by the management team at CORE. Upon successful completion of the course, new RSS sign on to additional job duties and receive a pay raise to demonstrate the value and importance of this position within the company. Along with the professional staff, the RSS will provide reports to each resident’s family. This additional support is often a critical factor in a resident’s success.