Therapeutic Recreation

Therapeutic RecreationThe CORE Therapeutic Recreation Program was developed based on a humanistic and educational model promoting recreation as an emotional condition that flows from a sense of well-being and is characterized by mastery, success and feelings of personal warmth. Using a variety of techniques including music, arts and crafts, cooking, animals, sports, games and community outings, our team maintains the physical, mental and emotional well-being of our residents. We’ve found that participation in therapeutic activities, especially new activities, will reduce depression, stress and anxiety; help maintain physical condition and cognitive abilities; and build self-esteem and social skills. In turn, this will allow each resident to live a happier life with maximum independence. Indeed, recent studies have shown that people with disabilities are equally as happy as people without disabilities if they find enjoyment and meaning in their life’s activities.

Therapeutic RecreationCORE staff members are encouraged to bring their hobbies and interests to work, and share them with residents to build rapport, offer a break from daily routines and help get people active and outside. Additionally, community integration programs take our residents on public transportation and to state parks, therapeutic camps, museums, swimming pools, restaurants, sports arenas and theaters. During the holidays, the CORE team organizes various charity events to enable residents to provide comfort and companionship at local nursing homes.

Staff members also provide therapeutic and leisure activities to further individualized treatment goals. A sampling of full-leisure lifestyle activities available to our residents include but is not limited to: