Vocational Program

Vocational ProgramPre-vocational, job training, job coaching, and community job placement services are available for all residents of CORE Health Care Community resources such as the Department of Assistive and Rehabilitative Services (DARS), Goodwill, and independent employers throughout the community are used. Emphasis is placed on an assessment of the resident’s strengths and weaknesses, placement options, job skills, supportive supervision, and the development of appropriate interpersonal skills for the workplace.

Educational or vocational placements boost residents’ self- esteem and foster a life that includes integration into the community. An array of possibilities is available from volunteer jobs to competitive employment, from special education to mainstream placement at Dripping Springs High School or at Austin Community College. Each resident works for a portion of each weekday. Direct Care Staff are available to escort and supervise residents on site. The Case Managers act as the liaison between our facility and educational placements